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Sep 14

One Page Brief from the National Coalition to Prevent an Iranian Nuclear Weapon

In anticipation of the upcoming United Nations General Assembly and U.S. Congress returning to session after summer recess, we have put together a new one page brief on the challenges ahead on the JCPOA and U.S. Policy toward Iran. This is intended as a short refresher and general fact sheet on reinstating the JCPOA limits on Iran’s nuclear program. We hold that U.S. re-entry to the JCPOA should precede further steps required to address the serious challenges in U.S.-Iran relations.

This short briefing paper was organized by the National Coalition to Prevent an Iranian Nuclear Weapon, a nonpartisan network of organizations and individuals founded in 2015 on the principle that “U.S. policy on the Iran nuclear agreement should be determined by U.S. national security interests and not by domestic ideological or partisan differences.” The founding members are The Iran Project and American College of National Security Leaders. Dozens of former American national security leaders, diplomats and retired senior military officers have endorsed earlier statements by this National Coalition.

Full text of the brief can be found here.