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Sep 21

Legal Scholars: the US Case for Snapback Is Flawed and Unlawful

The attached brief, written and endorsed by several of the most prominent American international legal scholars, explains why the Department of State legal case for the reinstitution of all previous UN sanctions against Iran (“snapback”) is flawed and unlawful.

By taking this action the Administration has undermined U.S. stature in the world as a guardian of international law, severely damaged relations with America’s allies and friends around the world and undermined the authority of the UN Security Council mandatory resolutions.

The brief was authored by prominent legal scholars including: W Michael Reisman, Myres S McDougal Professor of International Law at Yale Law School; David J Scheffer, former US Ambassador at Large for War Crimes (1997-2001); Dr. Mahroush H. Arsanjani, Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School, Member of the Institut de Droit International, former Director of the Codification Division of the United Nations Office if Legal Affairs; and Larry D Johnson, Adjunct Professor, Columbia Law School, former UN Assistant Secretary General for Legal Affairs and Legal Advisor of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Their views are their own and not necessarily those of the institutes where they are located.

– Amb. Thomas Pickering